Year 11 Revision and Exams

This page is dedicated to supporting both parents and pupils to prepare for the summer 2023 examinations. If you have any questions about the summer examinations, revision materials or any other related matter, please do not hesitate to contact Mr Auger at:


Year 11 Information Evening for Parents/Carers

We held an information evening for Parents/Carers on Thursday October 20th. The slides from the presentation that was delivered on the evening can be viewed or downloaded below. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at the school. The focus for the evening was: 

  • The Year 11 revision website page 
  • A timeline of the Year. 
  • Mock exams in November and February. 
  • Data collections 
  • Revision skills in form time 
  • Revision guides 
  • Revision sessions in school 
  • How parents/carers can support at home 

View / Download the Presentation Slides from the Information Evening

Year 11 Mock Examinations - February 2023

The second set of mock examinations will begin on Monday 6th February and run until Friday 24th February 2023. The mock examination timetable was passed to pupils on Thursday January 4th and can be viewed / downloaded via the link below.


Download Timetable Here


In School Revision Sessions

January 9th will see the start of our in school revision session programme. Details of when the sessions are running can be found below. In addition we will be adding specific revision overviews for each subject

Download Revision Sessions Table Here


English Revision Timetable

Download English Revision Timetable


Maths Revision Timetable

Download Maths Revision Timetable


Science Revision Timetable


Download Science Revision Timetable


History Revision Timetable

Download History Revision Timetable


Geography Revision Timetable


Download Geography Revision Timetable


Pupils can use D9 and computer access to complete any outstanding coursework for Unit R082 - Creating Digital Graphics and Unit R092 - Developing digital games.

Revision sessions will begin after the mock exam period and will focus on preparing for the R081 exam by looking at the theory content for the unit including: 

  • The content and use of pre-production documents 
  • Interpreting client requirements  
  • Legislation 
  • File formats and properties 


Revision Materials Purchased By The School

We have purchased revision text books for all pupils in English, Maths, Science, Geography, History and French. The books have been distributed now in most subjects. Teachers will support pupils with how to use these guides when revising.


Holiday Revision Sessions

We will be running holiday revision sessions during;

  • February Half Term
  • Easter
  • May/June Half Term

Details of these sessions will be communicated below in January 2023


Results From November Mock Examinations

Mock examination grades were sent to parents on December 15th 2022 as part of the Term 1 Grade Card. If you have any questions arising, please do not hesitate to contact us.


Preparing effectively for examinations 

These mock examinations take place at important junctures in Key Stage 4. They will support both teachers and pupils to precisely identify areas of strength and key development areas. In addition, it will support pupils to reflect on how effective their revision has been. Teachers will continue to prepare pupils for these mock examinations by providing them with materials to revise from and a clear schedule of revision. This may include access to some of the online platforms that the school has purchased for pupils to access; details of these are below. It is therefore important that pupils are supported to revise as effectively as possible at home. Each Thursday in their form times, pupils will be supported to develop revision techniques. The materials that have been used will be shared with parents/carers below.

Below are some suggestions about how you can best support your child to revise effectively:

  • Ask them to show you the revision timetable that they have produced in their form times.
  • Support them to identify a space in which they will revise which is free from distraction.
  • Make sure that they are hydrated and have healthy snacks available.
  • Encourage them to talk to you about what they have revised.
  • Make sure that leisure activities are planned in the week to avoid an overload of revision.
  • Support them to establish and keep a strong routine of sleep with the very least of eight hours a night.

Support for effective revision in form time 

Week one - Revision Techniques - View / Download PowerPoint Presentation

Week two - Producing a Revision Timetable - View / Download the Word document booklet


Online resources to support revision



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