Welcome to the year 11 CEIAG page where you can find help and support within our community during these tricky times. I am extremely passionate about supporting and helping our students make informed realistic choices about their future plans. I understand that  these are unprecedented times and want you to know that I am  here to help in terms of helping you to prepare for your next steps, this is a great opportunity for 'big picture learning', for you to develop a real love of your chosen subjects and to learn about the application of learning to the real world. It would be wise to broaden your understanding of subjects beyond exam requirements and to develop your cultural capital, for example, accessing:

  • Links to articles/reports/websites of both general and subject specific interest
  • Films on your subject interest, for example The Imitation Game if your interested in Computing or Maths
  • TV series, such as Chernobyl if you are planning on studying Physics
  • CV support and help 

For those who have applied or accepted a place at an alternative establishment, we would advise that you follow them on social media for updates or follow me on Twitter.

Year 11, you are amazing and together we have got this!!

Jo Cottam - Careers Advisor - joanne.cottam@lancasterhigh.lancs.sch.uk

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NEW - 01/09/2020 Apprenticeship Vacancies Issue 26

03/07/2020 - OLCC Sixth Form Taster Day Tuesday 7 July

Hello to Yr 11 students  who have applied to OLCC Sixth Form

We are looking forward to welcoming you into our Sixth Form in September. At this time of year, we would normally be holding a Taster Day when you would have been able to experience actual sixth form lessons and learn more about day to day life in our sixth form. As this cannot take place this year we have done our best to provide a similar experience for you online. 

On Tuesday 7 July please go to Our Lady's Catholic College Web-site and find the Virtual Taster Day page. There will be a  video welcome message from Mrs Seddon and a Video Power-point which I have recorded. This will give you information about the finalised option blocks and other details about our Sixth Form. You will also be able to watch a DVD which shows 'Life in Sixth Form'. 

Each teacher has made a presentation about their subject which includes course details but also information on how the course is taught, extracurricular activities and information about careers which are related to their subject. 

In the next week or so, we will be posting a Sixth Form Handbook to you and an appointment date/time for the individual Induction Interview which you will attend at the end of August. This is to discuss your program of study and ensure that you feel confident to start your new life in Sixth Form in September.

As always, if you have any questions, please email me. However, i am in school every Monday and Friday morning and will be able to speak with you over the phone from 9.15 - 11.00 if you would prefer to speak to me directly.

kind regards,

Mrs Lowe

Head of Sixth Form
Our  Lady's Catholic College

My Week of Work

This week we would like you to take part in a world of work insight week to begin to get you thinking about your future aspirations and post 16 choices. Every day you may take  part in the range of 20 lessons available to you. The lessons will support you to gain insight into the world of work through employer videos and resources. Each session is a PowerPoint that you access. It has information, videos and task and is  narrated all the way through. There is a virtual mentor who will pop up at various points to  keep checking with you. There are mini tasks where you will be asked to pause the session  to check your understanding and complete something exciting and there are key tasks for you to complete each day. Check Classcharts each day for daily information.

Feel free to email me if you have any questions about this week joanne.cottam@lancasterhigh.lancs.sch.uk

Click HERE for a quick overview of the week.

In addition to the lessons You can also register with LearnLive for sessions where you can listen and use a chat function to ask questions of employers from different sectors. Register here.

Live sessions timetable

Tuesday - Live link
Wednesday - Live link
Thursday - Live link
Friday - Live link


As a starting point for this week, please watch the following video: Meet Alexandra. She has a love of travel, languages and food culture - which led her to her career in the graduate scheme at Tesco. Here she provides insight into the world of work, and key skills she learnt along the way.

Helpful documents and publications:

How to make employers notice you!

Where can your favourite subject take you?

Post 16 options - what are your choices?

Year 11 - Progression to Year 12 bridging work

The following links have been provided by local 6th Forms and Colleges to help you prepare for Y12

Our Ladies Catholic College

Ripley St Thomas

LMC,Myerscough,Preston and Cardinall Newman 

Upcoming events

Myerscough College - Careers Advice Live Chat - Monday 27 April, 8:00pm to 21:00pm

Kendal college 'virtual open event' - Tuesday 28th April & Wednesday 29th April 2020, 10:00am to 18:00pm

Useful links

The importance of maths and english www.inspira.org.uk






Sixth Forms









Post 16 Research - Useful websites












Careers Stories, Motivational and entrepreneurial talks www.learn.springpod.co.uk
CV - help and support






Facebook Community https://www.careeralchemy.co.uk/































PiXL Project Future

PiXL have produced a set of resources to help you explore the subjects that you will be studying post-16. By using these resources and completing the attached Academic LORIC work, you will have the best start when you return to school/college.

PiXL Project Future - Student Pamphlet Y11-Y12

PiXL Project Future - Parent Pamphlet Y11-Y12

PiXL documents 

A1. Project Future Planning the next steps 1

A2. Project Future Planning the next steps 2

A3. Project Futures Personal LORIC

B3. Project Future Preparing for the world of work

C3. Project Future Maths

Subject specific guidance sheets

Creative and Performing Arts (Year 11-12)

English, Media and MFL (Year 11-12)

IT, Computer Science and Business (Year 11-12)

Science, Maths and Engineering (Year 11-12)

Social Sciences and humanities (Year 11-12)

Sports (Year 11-12)


Update from LMC

Compare and contrast different career paths using the blocks below:

Please find below, CEIAG information:


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