Senior Leadership Team

John Cowper   Acting Principal
Victoria Crossman   Assistant Principal
Dave Chapman   Senior Assistant Principal
Jo Lilley   Assistant Principal
Amy Newsham   Assistant Principal


Extended Leadership Team

Lee Mackie   Director of Inclusion
Matthew Williams   Leader of KS4
Bethan Prestwood   Assistant KS3 Leader / Maths

Teaching Staff

Matt Auger   History
Tamsin Bartlett   RE/PHSE/Child Development
John Birdsall   Science
Davina Brown   History
Rachel Carr   Geography/RE
Michelle Catto   Performance
Neil Cheesbrough   English
Gavin Clark   Maths/PE
Joanne Cottam   Travel & Tourism and Careers
Laura Evans   MFL
Cheryl Hale   English
Michelle Hayes   Head of English
Rebecca Holmes   Maths
Rehana Isaji   Science
Rob Kay   PE
Sarah Livesey   Science
Alison Middleton   Science
Nathan Moorby   Geography
Andy Moore   Maths
Estelle Morel   MFL
Laura Morris   PE
Salauddin Natha   Maths
Martin Nesbitt   Art
Rhea Price   Maths
Huw Roberts   Technology
Derek Roddenburg   Geography
Tom Rubery   Business Studies/ICT
Rob Sheard   Science
Lisa Smith   English
Rhian Spence   Music
Farhana Suleman   Science
Rebecca Stephenson   Art
Michelle Timperley   English
Rebecca Vanbruggen   History
Mark Wiggins   PE

Heads of Year

Year 7   Bethan Prestwood
Year 8   Rachel Carr
Year 9   Gavin Clark
Year 10   Andy Moore
Year 11   Davina Brown

Support Staff

Michael Aldren   Attendance Officer
Sophie Ainsworth   Teaching Assistant
Natasha Bilsborough   Trainee School Business Manager
Clare Bolland   Clerical Assistant 
Liz Crewe   Science Technician
Thomas Cunningham   Performance Technician 
Mark Dempsey   Site Manager 
Terry Smith   Site Supervisor
Ken Fletcher   Behaviour Manager 
Lynne Edge   Technician
Stacey Fisher   Catering Officer
David Saul   DT Technician
Janine Graham   Cover Supervisor
Kirsty Gray   Catering Manager
Eric Haworth   Senior Network Manager
Lisa Hensall   Catering Officer
Caroline Hesketh   Assistant SENCO
Julie Kelly   Student Support Officer
Jason Mills   P.A to the Principal
Carmel Lynch   Catering Officer
Salma Meetha   Student Support Officer
Lisa Maudsley   Teaching Assistant 
Warren Middleton   Exams Officer/Data Manager
Andrew Murphy   Teaching Assistant 
Andrew Theobald   AVR Manager
Jayne Thompson   Clerical Assistant 
Amy Sharples   Teaching Assistant 

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