What Our Trainees Say

‘I chose the School Direct route as it offered more teaching straight away. Sort of being thrown at the deep end. We would go to school Monday through to Thursday and meet with our cohort on Friday. Which was great as we could let off steam and speak about the week we had. ‘


‘I’m glad I did choose the School Direct route as I feel it suited me more to start with my placement school right at the start of the academic year, rather than spending the first few months at university.I chose to do School Direct, rather than the PGCE route, because it gave me more training from practitioners currently in the profession; personally that made me secure that the training I got was the most current and up to date that it could be. Equally, School Direct gave me more time in the professional setting in school rather than the lecture theatre/seminar room, which having completed my degrees, I was eager to get stuck into. ‘


‘Having made the decision of School Direct, I decided to finally choose Central Lancaster High School as my base. The interview process and experience within the school leading up to it made me realise that it was a great atmosphere, friendly staff, and that there was room for me to get fully involved with the schools I would be placed at. Not only did I leave School Direct with Central Lancaster qualified and more than ready for an NQT year, I also left with a large group of friends that I trained with; all of which I still keep in contact with and meet up with regularly and I'm sure that this circle of friends will last me for the rest of my life.’


‘I chose the school direct route because I liked the idea of going straight into a school. It was great to get school based training and to be able to have sessions with teachers in the school. I felt included from the start. It was also helpful to know where my placements would be!'


‘I would say that School Direct is a more rewarding experience as we spend more time in school and get a better idea and a more concrete experience of what teaching really is like. I also enjoyed the sessions at Central Lancaster High School as they were very closely linked to things we were experiencing on a day-to-day basis. It gave us ideas to try during our placements in order to improve. The practical aspect of the sessions was a huge advantage for me.’