International School

The school has a history and range of involvement in international affairs and we have always believed that this is one of its strengths. It has a tradition of engaging in a variety of very successful project work, both curriculum-led and whole-school led. The International School Award has brought wider recognition for the work we do. The international dimension is enhancing our ability to deliver an inspiring curriculum, making school more enjoyable with more purpose, supporting our responsibility to address the concept of global citizenship for every child. Through social and cultural awareness on an international scale, our own students are contributing to our supportive and inclusive ethos.

Over the last few years we have looked to celebrate the school's diversity with our Diversity Week which we hold in November. We have had links with schools abroad for many years but we have re-launched these in recent years in order to promote better links.

Our recent new links with a German school and a French school have been established in order to show pupils the strong links which can exist between countries. We have new links with Lithuania and Poland.

Our aim, though, is to go global and to have a link school on every continent.

  • We have now established a link with a school in Asia (Vietnam) (through British Council) and our application for the Middle East has been accepted 
  • We have a link with a school in South Africa ( through Afri-Twin);
  • We have links with schools in Europe both from the old European Union and from the newer EU states;
  • We are currently establishing a link with New Zealand.
  • We have an ex-pupil who lives in Brazil, South America
  • It remains for us to find link schools in North America.