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NEW 17/06/2020 - Plans for wider re-opening school for Year 10 pupils from the 22nd June

Please first read the following letter from our Principal, Dr N Walmsley:

Letter - re-opening and return information for Year 10

Please watch the short video for Year 10 pupils returning from Monday 22nd June:

If you are a parent or carer of a Year 10 pupil returning from Monday 22nd June, please complete the parental questionnaire and agreement:

--> Year 10 Parents - CLICK HERE <--

If you are a Year 10 pupil returning from Monday 22nd June, please complete this short survey:

--> Year 10 Pupils - CLICK HERE <--

Year 10 Teams Introduction

We will soon be delivering a series of live online lessons through Microsoft Teams for Year 10 pupils. The following video and user guide will help get you up to speed with Teams. Year 10 will also have some in school training and guidance provided before lessons start. 

01/07/2020 - CLHS Home Learning Agreement  --> CLICK HERE <--

01/07/2020 - Letter to Parents/ Carers re: Use of Microsoft Teams --> CLICK HERE <--

Pupil user guide: -->CLICK HERE<--

Following the announcement on 18 March 2020 for there to be a partial closure of the school, this area has been created to support home learning.

There is an expectation that pupils who are not attending school should complete work set by their teachers. This work is set on ClassCharts and also distributed by email to the pupils' Office365 email account. Pupil can access their emails using the Office365 link below.

The format for emails is [pupilusername]@lancasterhigh.lancs.sch.uk (Yrs7-9, and 11) and [pupilusername]@lancasterhigh.uk (Year 10 only). e.g joeblogs19@lancasterhigh.lancs.sch.uk


General guidance for home learning:

NEW 20/04/2020 - Guidance to parents - Post Easter update 

NEW 20/04/2020 - Advice for students - Post Easter update

Free Office 365 install on your home computer/phone

Guidance from Lancashire County Council 

Classcharts user guide for parents

Classcharts user guide for pupils (how to submit your work!)

NEW 06/05/2020 - A Message from Our Lady's Catholic College Sixth Form to all Year 11 Applicants from CLHS

Hello Year 11 students

It must be a very strange time for all of you to find that you are no longer taking your GCSE examinations. Some of you will be feeling relieved but possibly anxious over whether you will receive the grades you deserve. Others may be feeling that all the work you did leading up to the exams was a waste of time. However,  learning is a lifelong process and you will have gained skills and knowledge which you will use in the future, without even realising it. 

We hope that you are looking forward to starting at Our Lady's Sixth Form in September. We will keep you updated with information on our Taster Day, which was scheduled for later this term. We will be holding induction interviews at the end of August, after you have received your GCSE results. These interviews are informal and will provide you with guidance about which pathways and subjects to embark on. Remember, you don't have to stick to the options you chose when you applied.

In the absence of your GCSE examinations and the embedding of your subjects, we feel that it is appropriate for students to complete what we are calling 'Bridging Work'. Each of our subject leaders has created a study pack of bridging work which we would like you to complete over the next 3 months. This work will greatly help your transition from KS4 into KS5. It will also give you a 'feel' for the type of work which you will be doing in each subject. We would like you to produce a folder of work for each of the 3 or 4 subjects you have opted to study and we would like you to bring this work along to your induction interview in August. 

In Sixth Form you will be expected to work independently in your study periods and at home. This is a great opportunity to start developing those skills. I have included a presentation about Independent Study Skills which may help you to start thinking about this aspect of learning.

All of the study packs and the Study Skills presentation are included on our school web-site in the Sixth Form Section or you can use this link:


We are really looking forward to meeting you all in September. Please do not hesitate to contact me on this email if you would like any further information.

Mrs Lowe
Head of Sixth Form

NEW 21/04/2020 - Year 11 CEIAG:

We have updated the Careers Education, Information, Advice and Guidance section of this site to offer help and support for Year 11 pupils who are looking at their next steps. Check it out and follow us on Twitter for updates  @CLHSCareers

Home learning timetable:

A suggested Home Learning timetable for both KS3 and KS4 is attached below:

KS3 Home Learning timetable

KS4 Home Learning timetable

Link to School Home Page (as if you were in school) --> HERE <--

Useful links:

Daily lessons from the BBC
















The following websites provide information which may be useful to support home learning:

Office 365 quick start guides

Internet safety guide

Well-being Support:

For families who may need additional assistance during this time, the following websites or telephone numbers may be useful.

Kooth - Free, safe and anonymous online support for young people

Morecambe Bay Foodbank - 01524 874004

Latest government advice:

DfE/PHE Covid-19: guidance for education settings

DfE/PHE Covid-19: stay at home guidance

Government travel guidance

Government guidance on social distancing


For any further information or have questions about home learning, please contact:


If you require a password reset for a pupil email account or a Classcharts code please email:


(Please only use this email for requesting password resets - for anything else please use the main CLHS email above).

Password resets are not automated and rely on a real person so please allow 24hrs for the reset (Mon-Fri). This email must be sent from an email address which is registered to a parent on our school system.

Alternatively you can phone the school on 01524 32636 (office hours apply)

Advice from MIND regarding COVID-19

COVID-19 Mind Advice for schools